Our Story

My name is Ellen Alexander (formerly Ellen Womeldorf) and I have been a runner since 1983. I started ultra running in 2011 because I was tired of the competitive local road racing scene and wanted a change. I never had a lot of speed, but I have a love of trails and boundless perseverance. I have completed ultras from 50k to 100 miles. The most brutal was the Grindstone 100 (one and done!) and my favorite is the Highlands Sky 40 miler in West Virginia (do it every year that I can).

After years of personal training, I become the Health and Wellness Coordinator for James City County and I started the Singletrack Maniac 50k in 2013 as a county event. I had a blast and was hooked! I decided to create Happy Cat events LLC to foster my love of creating low key, small events on my favorite trails in Williamsburg, VA. I have a cubicle “real job” that is a bit tedious, but on the side I teach Bootcamp and Crossfit classes at the Warhill Sports Complex Fitness Academy. I am hoping to increase my offering of events in the coming years, but they will always be small, reasonably priced, low key and achievable for the average recreational runner with just the right amount of “maniac” mentality.

I love creating events, but coaching is my passion. It is insane what the body can do if the mind is on board! I would love to help you achieve your goals, whether you are kicking around the idea of running an ultra, you are a complete newbie or you are trying to get a PR. Please message me for more information and I can get started on a plan for you- if you can dream it, you can do it!